Pictures of the formal opening event in the Town Theater in Bremerhaven, 8.8.05

Short movie filmed in June 2005 for the museum showing John Tubbe, greatgreatgrandson of JUSTINA TUBBE,
and his grandson Von at Saints Rest Cemetery, Nacogdoches/Tx,
presented at the formal opening ceremony in the Town Theater Bremerhaven.
Sitting in the first row, after his speach, Minister of Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany Schilly.

Von Brown (12) in the museums movie telling he would be interested in familiy history

On stage: Director Mrs. Suess, Von Brown, beeing the youngest guest of honour (12),
the oldest guest of honour (90), scientist Dr. Simone Eick and architect Mr. Andreas Heller

John Tubbe, Nacogoches/Tx
Scene in the museums movie

Clips from movie shown to the visitors in the museum (taken in June 2005 in Nacogdoches)

Some pics of the trip with Sarah Tubbe, Tammy and Von Brown,

with Juergen and Gisela Laudi by Camper

We visited the genuine figurehead of the "Tuisko" in Focke-Museum, Bremen, 7.Aug 05..

picture showing (from left) : Tammy Brown, Gisela Laudi, Sarah Tubbe, Von Brown
and not showing : Juergen Laudi laying on the floor taking the shot


The former Tubbe-House in Oderberg

In Oderberg

View from the hill down to the town of Oderberg

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Palais "Sanssouci" in Potsdam

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