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About my book:

      "This is what I want to give ye report of :
I am Justina Tubbe "

Historical fiction novel / immigration literature based on authoritative research.
Translated from German tongue by Juergen LAUDI.

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You can find the book in the following libraries:
Public Library -Nacogdoches,TX; German Texan Heritage Soc.-Austin,TX ; Sophienburg Archives -New Braunfels,TX; Vereinskirche Museum -Frederiksburg,TX ; New York Baylor University Library -Waco,TX; Jefferson Parish Library -Metairie,LA; University of Texas at Austin,TX; and others.


"I am Justina Tubbe" tells the lifestory of a simple Prussian woman from the small town of ODERBERG

She came from the lower middle-class, wife of a linen weaver in the first half of the 19th century.

When she emigrated  in 1855 with two of her sons she was already 60 years old.

She gave birth to 9 children during 26 years and cared for two orphant nieces.

Justina Tubbe is one of 15 typical emigrants documented in "Deutsches Auswandererhaus", the German Emigration Museum in Bremerhaven, counterpart to "Ellis Island" in New York. Visitors may follow her life by listening to an acustic guide. This newly built museum was opened in August 2005. It is extremly interesting, worth visiting and a good reason for a trip to Europe ...

More pictures
of the opening
event in 2005

and the trip with Sarah Tubbe (co-researcher)

grandson Von, and daughter Tammy


Church and town of Oderberg
in Brandenburg, Kingdom of Prussia, 1855

Genealogical lists and files of the following
acting families are included in the book :





"I am Justina Tubbe"is a richly illustrated book of her time including also maps
of the scenes of action, translations of original documents, and lists of family genealogy.

All this makes "Justina Tubbe" not only the story of one person, but also a
worthwhile example of overall German immigration in the middle of 19th century.
"I am Justina Tubbe" is living history and is both informative and entertaining for

anyone who is curious to learn about living conditions during that period.

  • How did people think and feel in those days ?
  • What was the history of the Oderbruch area and the Kingdom of Prussia ?
  • What was the typical workday of a master craftsman's wife and mother of nine children like ?
  • What were the different reasons why people decided to leave their homes and emigrate ?
  • What were conditions aboard a sailing ship like during the eight week voyage at sea ?
  • What traditions and family tales did Justina's neighbors contribute to the story ?
  • What was the role of the Adelsverein in German colonization of Texas ?

You will read about how lifestyle changed both in Old Germany and in the New World
during the Napoleonic wars in Europe, times of peace, and the American Civil War.


Justina is portrayed as an elderly woman looking back

on her life as she sits under "her" pecan tree writing

down her memories in order to save them for those

who would come after her. In the few years that

remained in her life after coming to the U.S., Justina

probably learned very little English - if any. The

reader is reminded of this fact by the German idiom

that is employed in the English translation.

Justina came to the US on board the SS. TUISKO
original oil painting, Fokke Museum, Bremen


Justina's oldest sons Ludwig TUBBE and

Wilhelm TUBBE never married,

but her daughter Charlotte TUBBE

and husband Frederic (Fritz) JUNGE

left many descendants as did

Justina's youngest son August TUBBE & Mary KOLB


August TUBBE

and his wife Mary born KOLB (abt 1910)






Still today August Tubbe's name is fondly remembered in Nacogdoches. He came to the U.S. as a boy of 14 years in 1855. During the American Civil War he and his brothers were drafted into the Confederacy Army and survived . Later August inherited his older brothers' land and became a successful lifestock holder and farmer. He held numerous honorary posts during his lifetime as well. He set aside a plot of land for Saint's Rest Cemetry and Saint's Rest Church, founded several Baptist churches and served as a circuit rider. After joining the Masons he established schools in Nacogdoches. He also owned the first waterpowered sawmill in Nacogdoches. Because he never became a naturalized citizen of the U.S., he was put in jail during WW I as a possible foreign enemy in-- after having lived in Texas for 63 years ! He died in 1918.


          August Tubbe & Mary Kolb abt. 1870

Interesting links :

Tubbe house


Descendants of Justina TUBBE's

children and grandchildren :


Charlotte JUNGE

August TUBBE



Ancestors of  TUBBE in Oderberg

Pictures of
Ludwig TUBBE

Wilhelm TUBBE





Besides the TUBBEs and the JUNGEs

who hailed from Oderberg in the Prussian province of Brandenburg, there are the


 REIDER and SEELBACH families from

the Westerwald area of Prussia.

( Churches: Leuscheid, Hamm, Rosbach, locations: Dahlhausen, Birkenbeul, Helpenstell )
se families are involved in Justina's life either by her new neighborhood or by marriages.


Old Postcard of the village HELPENSTELL

and death file Ernst Helpenstell


 Map of  PRUSSIA/ German Reich (Germany) 1815


Map of  TEXAS in 1846


The former TUBBE house in Oderberg in different times


Old TUBBE house in Nacogdoches


Tubbe's Application for emigration 1855


Birth entries in the Tubbe bible


Passenger list of the ship TUISKO






German Edition

A shortened version of the book is
published in German with the title :

"Justina Tubbe Der weite Weg

einer Brandenburgerin

vom Oderbruch nach Texas"

by publishing house Westkreuz Verlag 
, ISBN 3-929 592-48-7,
hardcover, 248 pages, 84 pictures,
15 Euro,
order phone Germany-30-7452047

or by   

Gisela and Juergen Laudi and the memorial set for Justina Tubbat Saints Rest Cemetery in Nacogdoches

Justina Tubbe's lifestory was chosen by the WORLD-EXPO-2000 to be part of the exciting

multi-media infotainment exposition "Abenteuer Spurensuche" in Bremerhaven/Germany showcasing six German immigrants and their different fates in different times:

  • Justina Tubbe, a weaver's widow from Prussia
  • Franz Daniel Pastorius, founder of Germantown/Pennsylvania in 1610
  • Carl Wiedow, a simple day laborer well known from the German novel "Joernjacob Swehn"
  • Carl Schurz, who later became US Secretary of the Interior
  • the Jewish couple Scheuer, who fled from the Nazis to escape the holocaust
  • ...and the famous movie actress Marlene Dietrich.


August Tubbe. Essay in TEXAS GERMANIC HERITAGE by W. T. Block   


Journal of the German-Texan Heritage Society Winter 2012



GTHS-article layout  Part 1 , by Gisela Laudi  "MAROWSKI-JUNGE Went West"


MAROWSKI-JUNGE-ROEMMELE articel Part 2 , by Donna Rau



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