Some descendants of JUSTINA TUBBE's youngest son

For more info see my book          oo = married to     ch = children

August TUBBE *1841+1916

Emigrated in 1855 from the town of Oderberg / Brandenburg / Prussia ;
today : state Brandenburg, Germany

and Mary KOLB *1839 +1919

Emigrated in 1850 from the village Dahlhausen, church Leuscheid / Westphalia / Prussia ;
 today Community Windeck, state Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


         Their 8 children and descendants :

1) Mary Elizabeth TUBBE oo Henry KIMMEY
     Their Children :
               a) August Mason KIMMEY
               b) Henry Oscar KIMMEY, oo M.MOBLEY, 7 ch.
               c) William Alva KIMMEY, 1.oo Maggie J. ALLAN,
                      3  ch.
                      2.oo A. WHITEHAND, 4 ch
               d) Hester KIMMEY, oo Will SHAFER, 4 ch.
               e) Erick KIMMEY oo Laura ?


2) Martha Tennessee *1864    + 8 months , buried at Helpenstell Cemetery , Nacodoches/Tx

grave stone for Martha Tubbe

3) John August TUBBE, oo North Carolina OATES

Their 11 children:

a) Gertrude TUBBE, oo W.G. BROOKSHIRE, 7 ch.
b) August Lewis TUBBE, oo Ella BOATMAN, 6 ch.
c) Laura oo Willey DORMANN,
                 2 ch: 1.) Wilmer  oo Amy TURNER, 2 ch: Debra , Randy 
                          2.)  Noah  oo Joyce FREDERICK  
                             1 ch :Janet
d) Jack TUBBE oo Ada PIKINTON, 9 ch
e) Buck, not married
f) Etta Emma oo Steven A. BOZELL, no ch.
g) Lera Mae, not married
h) Lou Bertha oo Phillip CHRISTIAN, no ch
i) Louise oo William T. STONE
              2 ch: 1.) Aubrey Lynn TUBBE oo Dianne GREEN,
                       2.) Nelywn Carrol oo Steven W. SPRADLEY,
             2.oo  Phyllis BALSAMO, 2 ch : Russell, Ashley
                       2 ch : Seth, Steven
k) Marion Edgar TUBBE oo Annie Lora MARONEY
            2 ch : 1.) John August TUBBE  oo Sarah Beth HILL,
                                    1ch : Tamberly TUBBE oo Thomas BROWN,
                                                   2 ch :  Von, Alexandra

John is related to the families TUBBE, KOLB, REIDER; Sarah is related to the families SEELBACH + HELPENSTELL

                   2.) Charles Vaughn TUBBE oo Inga LOHMANN
                          (in Germany  )
                         1ch: Thomas TUBBE oo Daniela KNIERIM,
                         3 ch: Dennis, Dominick, Celine
                         ( in Germany, forgotten by Charles )                  
                         3. oo Bonnie ADAMS
l) Buster TUBBE oo Hazel JONES, 1 ch: Theresa


4) Luisa Carolina TUBBE, oo Will Henry NERREN
       Their 4 children :

a) William Benjamin NERREN, oo Edna CARTER
b) Mary Louise NERREN,oo Oscar A. DORMANN
c) Osie Elizabeth NERREN , oo Albert Otis SUMMER
d) Paul Daniel NERREN, oo Jennie CLARK
      5) William Paul TUBBE, 1.oo Loujennie NERREN        2.oo Millie L.K. ALLEN
        Their 9 children:
a)  Eva M.TUBBE, oo B. Russel KIRKLAND, 5 ch.
b)  Ester TUBBE, oo Robert G. CASPER
c)  Thomas Watson TUBBE, oo Pearl PHILLIPS, 9 ch
d)  Gladys J. TUBBE, oo Neal ROBERTS, 3 ch
e)  Kit Carson TUBBE,oo Neva PHILLIPS, 3 ch
f)  Vernie TUBBE, oo John H. CASPER,
              2 ch: Norma CASPER oo Ranzie H. HUMPHERYS, 1ch
                        August J. CASPER oo Aileen GRIFFETH, 1 ch
g)  Etha Marie TUBBE oo Phillip COX, 3 ch
h) William Fred TUBBE, oo Ethel Mae McCARTY
i)  Ivan Dean TUBBE , oo Betty ?

       6) Ida Francis TUBBE + 3 years old

       7) Martha Ann Missouri Texanna TUBBE,
              oo Thomas Jeffersen PHILLIPS

        Their children:
Mattie Gertrude PHILLIPS
Jeannette PHILLIPS, oo Jack CASPER
Ella PHILLIPS, oo Robert Morns HAMMACK
Bessie Mae PHILLIPS, oo Eugene BOWERS
Jefferson Clarence PHILLIPS, oo Martha E.HENRY
James Ellis PHILLIPS, oo Tessie MURRELL
8) Lon TUBBE *1878 +1 day old


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