Families Marowski / Junge / Römmele /Bates In America


The emigrant's parents were:

Paul Wilhelm MAROWSKI  * 9.Jan 1793, master shoemaker
in Oderberg,  Kingdom of Prussia, provice Brandenburg,
married Dorothea Luise HEIN, (sister to Justina Hein-Tubbe)

P. Wilhelm sen. took his Burgher-Oath as a master of shoemaker
 in Oderberg 1819 . He bought the famous "Marowski House"
(Painter's Corner) in Oderberg in 1829.

Marowski Siblings :
Ludwig Wilhelm (1819-1866)oo Wilh. JUNGE>USA
Robert Julius ( 1821-1889)
Luise Clementine (1822-)
August Theodor(1823- )
Ferdinand Eduard 1825-1897)ooFrieder. BOWITZ(1830-1895)
Minnie's and Amalie's parents were :

Friedrich JUNGE (1770 -1827), peasant burgher,
 married abt.1809, in Oderberg
Anna Marie SCHUMANN (1787-1855)

JUNGE- Siblings, born in Oderberg:

Wilhelm Bartolomaeus (1813-1866), stayed in Oderberg
Caroline Wilhelmine Auguste +(1811-1815)
Joh. Friedrich "FRITZ", baker, (1814-1884)>Nacogdoches,Tx
                           oo 1852 Charlotte TUBBE (
Auguste Wilhelmine "MINNIE" (1815-1874)>Baltimore
                           >McKinney, CollinCt.,Tx
                           oo  1849 Wilhelm Marowski
Gottlieb Ferdinand , baker, ( 1819-??)>Nacogdoches,Tx
Amalie Caroline Christine (1821-1898)
                          >McKinney,Collin Ct., Tx
                          oo 1859 K.F.RÖMMELE
Marg. Charl. Henriette (1825-??) stayed in Oderberg



Ludwig Wilhelm MAROWSKI  (*1819 -1866) born in Oderberg, Prussia,

Province Brandenburg. He married in 1849

Caroline Wilhelmine "Minnie"JUNGE (1816-1874) born in Oderberg .

Files tell the Marowskis were the very first who in 1850 applied for a
permit to emigrate  from Oderberg,  near Berlin, to the USA at the authorities
In these years many Germans emigrated, because the revolution for more
civil rights in 1848 failed and there was big disappointment  about the
now installated police state without any democracy in the Kingdom.

In April 1850 the couple sailed by ship "Ocean" from Bremerhaven to Baltimore and arrived 1st June. His profession was given as merchant.
(Name misspelled : MAROUSKY,)
Their newborn baby Aurora, born only 14.March 1850, was well during the trip

They settled in Baltimore. In fall 1850 they had a merchandise and a starch fabrication and seem to be quite happy.

                                                                                                 In 1855 Minnie wrote home a very sad  letter. Sounds she was very ill and longed to be home in Oderberg.




            L.Wilhelm Marowskis birth house in Oderberg, Prussia














In abt.1860 they setteled in McKinney, Collin County,Texas, and meanwhile they had three daughters:

Aurora M.
(*1850-1938) oo BATES
Lizzie M.
(*1855- ??) oo KING
Pauline M.
the fourth daughter Henriette M.(*1862) was born in Collin County,

Meanwhile Minnies brother Fritz JUNGE with spouse Charlotte nee TUBBE & brother Wilhelm TUBBE (Justina'sdaughter & son) had come to the US in 1852 and had setteled in Nacogdoches County, Texas, and also brother Ferdinand JUNGE arrived there in 1855 together with Justina TUBBE (60years) and her sons Ludwig TUBBE(40) and August TUBBE (14).


On 25.Febr.1866 Wilhelm Marowski died. (47)
His brother-in-law K.F.Roemmele became guardian to the four minor kids.

Widowed Amalie with her 11years old son Charlie lived in the  house of  her sister Minnie Marowski. But Minnie also died already in 1874, it is told that she often was sick.

 Minnies Daughters :

Aurora Marowski
was 19, when she married Amos Chacello BATES on 11.Aug 1869

Elisabeth"Lizzie" (*1855- )  oo LEE
Pauline (*1859 )  oo KING
Henriette "Retta" (*1862-     ) oo W.S.KING.

Lizzie married  ( 31 Dec 1870 = 15 years old ) Henry Lee who was a farm laborer for Aurora's husband Amos Chancellor Bates  Lizzie was widowed by 1880 and living with Pauline and J.T.

Pauline married (12 Nov 1879) J.T. King and they ended up in Nelda Oklahoma where J.T. worked as a doctor and farmer

Henrietta married (18 Dec 1879= 17 years old) W.S King  and lived in Ardmore Oklahoma working  as a jeweler.  Retta died there of a stomach ailment.
When she died she left a 14year old daughter (name unknown).

J.T King and W.S King were brothers.

Aurora was loved by her many descendants. She was known to wear always 12 pettycoats even in big heat. When all children had left home, she kicked out her husband because he used to swear, did not let him in any more and did not want to be buried beside him. Aurora died 1938 , 88 years old, and was buried in Woodlawn Cem., Collin Ct.
She was a very fine seamstress (like her mother) and her needlework was much sought after in Collin County.  She took in sewing until she went blind at age 80.  Prior to her going blind, her sons had bought her a pair of glasses so she could better see her tiny stitches.  She loved to visit with her extended family and neighbors and would drive herself around in her buggy, she was very independent in her travels.

Aurora*'s Children:
Aurora's oldest daughter, Minnie married JR King and worked in Nelda Oklahoma with Pauline's husband J.T. King.

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Amalie's son Charlie ROEMMELE(25)  married Flora xx on 8.Feb.1884 in McKinney, but she left bed&board 22.Dec 1889. Their two kids FrankWilliam (+1888) and Ida (+1868) had died in early childhood. In divorce court it is said, Charlie had treated her terribly and she'd be out many nights even with blacks. He refused calling for a doctor when she had a miscarriage in May 1890, so her mother had to ask a neigbor to get him.

Charlie married second: Frances Graham in the same year , and had 6 kids with her. He died 1920 (61) and was buried Pecan Grove, McKinney.

Amalie Roemmele died 19.May1898 and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery
( former

Charles Römmele 12. Nov 1859 ,+30.Jan1920

Leola Boyd > Woodland
Lottie Rena






Minnies youngest sister Amalie JUNGE (*1821-1898) was the last one to emigrate in 1856 after the death of their mother JUNGE in Oderberg. Seems she met a quite wealthy  man
K.F.( Karl Franz??) Roemmele ( *??-1869),
general merchand, and married 11.Aug 1859 in McKinney in Collin County. On12.Nov 1859 their son W.F.C."Charlie" Römmele was born.

When K.F.Römmele also died already 14.May 1869, Amalie owned 6000 ac and 3000 cattle in the W.Davis Survey.

The Roemmele family origins from Germany, state Wuertemberg, near Heidelberg, and probably came to the US in abt.1851 .
Probably it was Amalie who offered the Minnie-family to join them in Collin County and so the Marowskis moved to McKinney in abt.1860.

Amalie JUNGE applies for emigration permit  1856: