Some descendants of Justina TUBBE's daughter

Charlotte TUBBE, 1822-1912, married to Friedrich 'Fritz' JUNGE, 1814-84

For more info see my book"I am Justina Tubbe"    oo = married to      ch = children

Christian Cemetery, Nacogdoches County.

Fritz JUNGE sen.
JUNGE Cemetery, Nacogdoches County

Fritz JUNGE and his wife Charlotte TUBBE came to the USA in 1852. Both men were baker.
They left behind their mother, Anna Maria JUNGE-SCHUMANN, widow of Johann Friedrich JUNGE +1827
Two brothers :
Wilhelm Bartolomaeus JUNGE *1813 +1866 in Oderberg

                2.) Ferdinand JUNGE, who emigrated in 1855 with
                      Justina Tubbe and sons August and Ludwig.                 

                 3  sisters:
                 1.) Auguste Wilhelmine *1816, oo Ludwig Wilhelm MAROWSKI,
                 both emigrated to USA  in 1850 by ship "Ocean", settled in Baltimore, abt 1860 Collin County,Tx,

                 4 daughters : Aurora, Lizzie, Pauline, Henriette                     

                                  Aurora  oo 11.Aug 1869 in Collin County : Amos Chacello BATES,

              2.) Amalie Caroline Christine *1821-1898,  emigrated 1856, lived in Collin County
                   married Franz ( K.F.) ROEMMELE +Aug 1869

                  ch.: William +14.Oct 1886, Ida +21.Aug 1888, Charles

             3.) Margarete Charlotte Henriette*1825, stayed in Oderberg, 1 son
                    1.oo PUFFPAFF, 2.oo KRUEGER

Fritz and Charlotte married in Oderberg, Kingdom of Prussia, Province Brandenburg in May 1852, and, as family legend tells, left the very day by ship along the Oder river.
In Hamburg they embarked the sailing ship "Johanne Elise", left to New York and arrived in June 1852. Next spring, 1853, in Philadelphia they had their first child Fanny.
They went to Texas abt.1853/54 -as family saga tells- by wagon train. Probably they travelled by steamer boat along the then existing channel line via Saint Louis - Red River to Natchitoches.
They settled in East Nacogdoches County where the JUNGE Cemetery is situated. It is wonderful, that the JUNGE descendant Ralph McCalmont from Oklahoma City, with the help of Sarah Tubbe, Nacogdoches, is working hard to make it the first Historical Cemetery. Every grave will have its info stone.
The fate of Ferdinand JUNGE is unknown. He settled beside Charlotte and Fritz. His land later was sold by brother Fritz.
The oldest brother in Germany left behind some money when he died in 1866. Possibly Ferdinand JUNGE went home to get it and never returned, or deceased ???

Some descendants of Carlotte JUNGE-TUBBE and Fritz JUNGE

1.) Francis Fanny JUNGE*1853 +1923, oo Charlie RIVERS
             3 children : Franklin ; Edward ; Emma Henrietta oo John F. GOODMAN,(9 ch)

2.) Johann Frederick 'Fritz' JUNGE*1856-1913, oo Willie C. DENMANN
              7 children : W.O. ; Minnie O. oo WINDSOR (3 ch);
              Curtis Edward JUNGE, oo Jessie G. HUBBARD (3 ch);
(> desc.: Billy JUNGE, Lufkin,TX)
              F.W.'Fritzie';     R.T. ;     Alvey A. ;
              Hollis Lee JUNGE oo Lola TRAWICK (1 ch)

3.) James Oswald JUNGE *1859 -1885, oo Amanda Jennie EDDINGS
              8 children :
              Nannie oo Joe T. CLEVENGLER (12 ch.)

              Charlotte 'Lotte' oo Britton B.SCARBOROUGH;
              Lela (Ena)
              James O
swald jun. JUNGE oo Lina L. FOUST
              Myrtle oo John C. PITTS (4 ch)
              Dewey JUNGE oo Estelle GIBSON

4.) Mynna 'Minnie' JUNGE *1860 - 1928
       oo James'Jim' Franklin BERRY
              10 children : James Edward BERRY
                   oo Bessie MOSES (4 ch);  >descendant : Ralph McCalmont ( sponsor of  JUNGE cemetery)
              Fanny Edna oo Will LARGENT (7 ch);
              Susie Ennis oo Charlie HARRELL( 2 ch);
              Hattie Lee +;
              William Oswald JUNGE oo Maud G. MOORE ( 5 ch);
              Charles Grandville BERRY oo Mabel ENGLISH ( 2 ch);
              Prentis Vernon
              George Hobston BERRY oo Ina GANN (3 ch);
              Lunie Murl BERRY oo Maggie M. COLLINS;
              Eschol Curtis BERRY oo Ethel SHORT (2 ch)

front: Mynna JUNGE BERRY,
Charlotte TUBBE JUNGE,
back: unidentified, Fanny JUNGE RIVERS

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